Travel Insurance for Sports Persons and Teams.

Active sports person when travelling overseas must be cautious when making comparisons between insurance policies and the premium for travel insurance – an unwise purchase can have serious financial consequences – it is the old maxim “you get what you pay for”.

After a claim incident is not the time to find out that a low cost travel insurance policy will not reimburse you.

Of most concern to sports persons are:

1. Will it provide cover for medical expenses as a result of competitive sport.

2. How much is the excess or can it be reduced?

3. Am I covered for evacuation and repatriation costs as a result of serious injury arising from competitive sport? “I know that normal passive activities are OK but what about my sport”

4. Cover for high valued sports equipment and the diversity of equipment – if not itemised the maximum payable will be restricted to a standard policy limit which depending on insurer could be in the range of $1,500 – $2,500. The diversity and quality of high performance sports equipment is such that standard limits cannot be relied on to always adequately cover loss or damage or repair costs. Restrictive cover and security warranties will apply.

5. Other sections of cover for baggage loss or damage, general medical costs, loss of deposits and cancellation costs are fairly standard between insurers but do they cover unexpected financial loss arising from loss of pre-paid entry and training fees as a consequence of injury or illness

Our solution to sports medical expense insurance:

1. With few exceptions (the exception being only competitive motor sports, mountaineering with specialist equipment, and paragliding) we can provide medical expenses insurance for all other activities (individuals or groups and whether amateur or elite or professional).

2. On a $NIL excess basis.

3. Evacuation and repatriation insurance is included.

If standard cover for your luggage and personal gear is required we can also attend to this.

We will not the cheapest provider of travel insurance but we do aim to match your commitment to sport by providing the options that will respond to the risk you face. Share our experience gained through many years of arranging insurance for a wide range of sporting activities.

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