Recently, clients have frequently asked for clarification of the cover and service in the event of medical evacuation….

If the treatment required in connection with acute serious illness and/or injury is not available at your location, insurers will cover expenses in connection with transportation. Medical evacuation and repatriation must be pre-approved and arranged by the insurer. Therefore you must notify the insurer, preferably through the emergency assistance 24/7 helpline so that treatment and arrangements can be co-ordinated through the attending physician and/or hospital.

The medical consultants will choose a suitable place for treatment and the appropriate means of transport (i.e. air ambulance, aeroplane, helicopter, ground ambulance as the case may be) in consultation with the attending physician and arrangements will be made with appropriate priority.

Insurers arrange for bed to bed transportation such as collecting the insured person from the given location, arranging for ground and/or air transportation and handing the insured person over to the receiving hospital.

In addition they ensure the insured person is adequately accompanied and arrange for medical or non-medical escorts and the assistance service organisation will keep the relevant parties (families and doctor) updated at all times.

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