About HMIS

Health Management Insurance Services (HMIS) has operated as a niche provider of travel and expatriate insurance services and other specialist covers for over 20 years. HMIS was originally part of a larger health management consultancy practice but in 1994 the organisation was restructured and Health Management Insurance Services became an independent operation.

Rather than focusing on traditional tourist and travellers insurance HMIS has always endeavoured to provide a personalised and niche service to clients; as a result, HMIS has attracted clients and connections that have challenging requirements or clients who have not been able to readily obtain solutions from other providers.

HMIS Historical Overview

Our predecessor company was Health Management Services (HMS) – this company was originally a broadly based health consultancy practice and operator of A&E Clinics. During the normal course of business it established relationships with an international assistance organisation and also an overseas based expatriate health insurer.

In 1994 the company was restructured and the insurance operations were transferred into a new company called Health Management Insurance Services (HMIS). Since this date, HMIS has been focused on providing Risk Solutions for a broad range of New Zealander’s travelling and working overseas.

HMIS Business Profile

John Dallimore has had a long career in the industry; has held a number of corporate and senior management roles before acquiring his own business in 1994 and served on industry committees. HMIS was established to focus on the needs of Expatriate New Zealander’s and then in the mid 1990’s, the advent of professional sport kindled the awareness of the importance of risk protection for New Zealand sports persons, whether New Zealand based or overseas. Since the mid 90’s, we’ve provided risk solutions for rugby, cricket, multi-sport, yachting, and snow sports and sports persons with special needs.

Phone John on: +64 21 740 266 or email info@hmis.co.nz

Jose Dallimore has operated HMIS day to day for many years. Following a period working in the Community Education sector and then as a Sports Medicine Receptionist, she joined HMIS in 2000 as an Executive Assistant, responsible for the day-to-day administration of the travel insurance business. Jose has had many years of dedicated interest in family and community sport at all levels.

Phone Jose on: +64 21 466 474 or email info@hmis.co.nz

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