Important things to know about Travel Insurance Cover

1. Your medical history affects your Insurance Cover

A travel insurance policy provides medical cover that applies for unexpected sudden illness or serious injuries. Medical conditions you already have before you buy the insurance are only covered if you meet certain criteria. These vary from insurer to insurer but this is why it is important to disclose pre-existing medical conditions.

2. Where are you going and Frequency of travel

If you are travelling to risky destinations do tell us.

If you are a regular traveller an annual multi trip policy will be the most economical option for you but commonly the maximum period any one trip will be limited to 90 days.

Trip policies will otherwise be the most suitable and do not forget that travel insurance for domestic travel within New Zealand can also be arranged.

Nationality – Insurance is not restricted only to residents of New Zealand – If you are a foreign national we will be able to provide options for you.

3. What is covered and what is not covered.

Please read your policy – they are written in plain English – each section of the policy will tell you what is covered and the benefit or sum insured applicable. The exclusion clause to each policy section describe the specific circumstances when cover will not apply and; in addition there are General Exclusions applicable to the policy overall.

Reading the Policy; the policy structures vary between insurers but the information provided in the policy brochure or policy document will encompass matters such as:

  • Applying for cover
  • The premium
  • Changes or alterations to the trip
  • Money back guarantees
  • Duty of disclosure
  • How complaints are handled and about your privacy.
You policy will be based on what you tell us therefore we expect you to be truthful to us because if not it can have implications that lead to unsatisfactory outcomes for all parties.

4. When does cover apply

Purchase your travel insurance cover as soon as possible after you make bookings; this ensures that the trip cancellation cover begins immediately. Cover for the other benefits will begin from the date of departure and end on the date of return or as stated on the policy certificate. If your trip will be extended let us know.

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