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Non Standard Business Insurance and “High-risk”

We enjoy working on insurance with a specialist focus. Some insurance providers will be reluctant to cover you if your work involves manual or hazardous activities because they only want to insure white collar workers or those in low-risk occupations. If you work in the construction sector, or off-shore or with heavy machinery; or in remote areas, or with wildlife or in regions where they may be political risks, then you we look forward to meeting your needs. Recent experience with sourcing travel insurance for persons working in high-risk areas has highlighted some of the challenges in arranging the appropriate insurance. Often standard travel insurance is invalidated for persons working in extreme conditions, using non-commercial aircraft, or visiting high-risk locations. Factors you need to be aware of are:
  • Extreme activities or working off-shore or in remote locations may require specialist business travel insurance that will accommodate this type of activity – contact us.
  • Travel in non-commercial aircraft; examples of this could be business travel or transfers by plane or helicopter provided by mining or oil companies or government agency provided services – in some cases this might not be covered – it pays to check policies carefully.
  • Travel warnings can invalidate standard travel insurance policies; a warning may be issued for a specific country region but it might be viewed as an advisory applicable to the whole country. It is important to maintain an objective view of the situation.
  • Some high risk countries may require specialist business travel insurance. It pays to check the list of high risk countries Contact us to find out more.
High risk business travel insurance might not cost much more than usual insurance (but there can be variation between insurers); this type of insurance will generally be structured by the exact period of travel (i.e. the number of travel days) and tailored to the personnel travelling and the nature of their activities. This ensures that cost effective solutions are achieved – contact us. We can provide a range of solutions:
  • Business Travel insurance – trip or frequent traveller options
  • Medical only cover – all activities whether business or recreational
  • Crisis Response cover – for kidnap incidents or threats.
  • Personal Accident
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