Crisis Response

Crisis response insurance

Crisis Response Insurance

Business travellers – whether corporate or professional – face an increasingly broad and complex range of threats. These may not always be restricted to areas commonly regarded as problem areas. Directors and officers of an enterprise have a responsibility for prevention and mitigation of risk to their personnel deployed on international assignments. Many organisations maybe operating without fully understanding the obligations that surround “Duty of Care” to their personnel.

There are exclusion clauses and limitations in standard travel insurance policies that will not always provide the indemnity response you expect unless crisis response issues have been addressed and implemented. Like it or not, it is prudent to consider “crisis solution” risks – this is the term that spans risks such as:

  • Extortion
  • Detention
  • Kidnap
  • Hi-jack
  • Incident events such as assault, disappearance, political evacuation, express kidnap. Hostage crisis, threats

It is reassuring to have specialist response experts on your side – highly skilled incident emergency response consultants are the “value added” components of a Crisis Response Insurance. In addition to financial reimbursement, this type of insurance can be extended to indemnity for business interruption, product loss, and other necessary and reasonable expenses that may be incurred including salary continuance.

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