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business travel insurance

About our Business Travel Insurance

Frequent international travel is an obvious reason to take out business travel insurance. A business travel policy can also provide cover for domestic travel within NZ.

Business travel insurance is the most affordable and convenient option whether you are a company that has to manage the risk of employees who are travelling on business or a business professional, business owner, or consultant.

Key benefits of our Business Travel Insurance

A business travel policy is a superior coverage that has unique features:

  • It offers a level of cover for all ages
  • Benefit levels that are appropriate to the needs of the business traveller.
  • An automatic extension for incidental private travel and directors and executives private travel.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are covered
  • An online portal and smartphone app allowing policyholders and their employees access to travel security and safety information (pre-trip and whilst on trip).
  • Support from specialist security personnel and/or evacuation assistance in the event of civil unrest, natural disaster or a terrorism incident.
  • You do not need to research and purchase insurance for each trip.
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