Special Needs Insurance

Special needs insurance

About our Special Needs Insurance

Disability is wide ranging; therefore, when selecting travel insurance, it needs special attention. This is why we focus on such needs and tailor cover to meet individual requirements.

Travel without cover for your pre-existing condition is very risky; tell us about it so that we can fully consider matters and we will aim to tailor a policy that provides appropriate cover for your trip. As well as standard benefits which include cover for trip cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident and personal belongings, other considerations will be:

  • Cover for Existing Medical conditions
  • Loss of medication
  • Cover for mobility aids and equipment
  • Cover for care givers

Whether your disability is physical or a chronic medical condition, we aim to tailor a special needs insurance cover that will allow you to travel with security and peace of mind.

Definitions may vary between insurers but in a general sense, an existing medical condition is understood to be:

a) Any physical defect or condition, illness or disease for which treatment, medication or advice has been prescribed by a medical adviser 90 days prior to the time of issue of the policy;

b) Any chronic or ongoing (whether chronic or otherwise) medical or dental condition medically documented prior to the time of issue of the policy

Travelling whilst Pregnant
Many insurers refuse to insure pregnant travellers especially in the later stages of pregnancy; we are different – we can provide cover up until 36th week providing you have not had pregnancy complications and it is not a multiple pregnancy.

Existing medical conditions can be classified as:

  • Conditions that can be automatically covered.
  • Conditions which cannot be covered.
  • Conditions which can be assessed – in these cases an online medical assessment can be made.
  • In the case of pregnancy whether or not you apply for cover there are restrictions applicable to all pregnancies.
  • Cover is only provided for unexpected serious pregnancy complications which occur during or before the 36th week of pregnancy.
  • No cover is provided for childbirth or the health of a new-born child.
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