Travel Insurance for Athletes

Travel Insurance for Amateur, Elite & Professional Athletes

For over 20 years, HMIS has arranged travel insurance for athletes (amateur, elite high performance and professional) spanning a wide range of sporting codes. This has given us a unique understanding of the needs of sportsperson.

When travelling overseas, it is necessary to have insurance arrangements that are specifically tailored to your needs because standard travel insurance policies exclude claims for medical expenses arising from participation in professional and competitive sport (including training).

Each athlete’s requirements are unique.


We will require an understanding of your travel and activity plans so as to structure optimal risk protection arrangements. Travel insurance can be arranged on an individual trip basis or as an annual frequent traveller policy.
A trip policy for one-off trips may be suitable for some, however for those who travel regularly it may not offer the most economical solution:
  • It is in force throughout the policy year and provides automatic cover from the time bookings are made;
  • Maximum trip days – 30 – 45 days are the most common but longer other options can be accommodated;(therefore knowing your travel forecast is important); and
  • There is nothing further to worry about apart from checking on the maximum number of trip days.
Sporting or Activity Equipment –The standard per item limit in a retail travel policy is usually in the range of $1,500 – $2,000; a limit such as this is usually inadequate for most sportspersons. The value of sporting activity equipment is often much greater than standard limits. For this reason, it is important we know the nature of the “activity equipment” you will be taking overseas so we can tailor the best travel insurance for you as professional athletes.


We approach insurance for sportspersons in the following way:

  1. Standard travel insurance benefits for the usual day-to-day activities;
  2. Separate coverage for the sporting activity ie medical expenses arising from training and participation in sport and coverage for activity /sporting equipment (we know how expensive some equipment can be).

Medical Expenses Insurance – other considerations

The scope of cover under a travel insurance policy is designed to respond to claims for emergency medical expenses and assistance that arise during overseas travel. For long stay athletes, it may be more appropriate to have an international comprehensive medical insurance policy.

In respect of dental expenses incurred overseas a travel insurance policy will only respond in respect of “pain stilling” procedure – most policies have a sub limit restricting the amount payable for dental costs.

If you have pre-existing medical conditions they must be disclosed; generally if an injury has fully healed and unlikely to re-occur it will be covered however if it has not stabilised it may still be considered as a pre-existing condition. This is an aspect that needs to be addressed with caution.

Career Ending Considerations

Professional athletes have to consider financial considerations should an injury or an illness permanently jeopardise your career, or put you out of action on a temporary basis. Dealing with the consequences of a bodily injury or an illness is not only traumatic; it can result in financial hardship. There are personal accident and disability insurances designed to provide lump sum permanent disability compensation and to protect regular monthly earnings. Such policies have special features that include: disablement from usual occupation, cover applicable 24/7 worldwide, minimal policy exclusion. Substantial policy limits are often required when considering career ending issues.


Each case is different; we like to personalise our relationships and to discuss matters fully with you and additionally there is value in shared mutual experience.


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