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HMIS has been providing comprehensive cover for over 20 years to New Zealanders travelling abroad. Our high service levels and quality products ensure that your experience will be a good one.

We provide comprehensive insurance to the following groups:

Kiwi Expatriates


Considering living abroad, then it’s vital that you get the right expat insurance before you leave, and that you carefully consider the other financial implications of your move. More info >>

Business Travellers


Business people who travel frequently for business or often on last minute trips will find that an annual frequent traveller policy is more affordable and convenient than arranging cover on a “trip” basis. More info >>

Sports Travel


To the professional and semi-professional sportsperson general state of health and well-being is of the outmost importance. You will require the best when it comes to medical treatment. More info >>

Special Needs Travel

special needs insurance

Disability is wide ranging; therefore when selecting travel insurance it needs special attention. This is why we focus on such needs and tailor cover to meet individual requirements. More info >>

Contractor/High Risk Travel


Some insurance providers will be reluctant cover you if your work involves manual or hazardous activities because they only want to insure white collar workers or those in low risk occupations. More info >>

Crisis Response

crisis response insurance

Business travellers – whether corporate or professional face an increasingly broad and complex range of threats – these may not always be restricted to areas commonly regarded as problem areas. More info >>

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